Public Interfaces

To add a Public Interface, click 'Add Public Interface'.

To edit a Public Interface, click the blue 'edit' button at the relevant Public Interface.

To delete a Public Interface, click the red 'del' button at the relevant Public Interface.


After a Public Interface has been saved, you can edit the Public Interface to specify addition settings and find the ID of the Public Interface. Use this ID to navigate to your Public Interface: [domain-name][public-interface-ID]. A default Public Interface can be accessed via [domain-name] or [domain-name]

Enter a Name for the Public Interface.

Check the Default checkbox to make this Public Interface the default Public Interface.

Enter Information for the Public Interface. This will be shown upon visiting the Public Interface.

Select one or more Projects to be used in this Public Interface.


Per project you can enter a Name and specify whether data can be searched or browsed and whether you want to offer filter options. Enter additional Info to be displayed next to the Search Bar.

Select Object Types and Scenarios that are included in the Public Interface. Check the checkboxes for each kind of visualisation that you want to enable per Type and Scenario. Check the funnel icon for a Type or Classification to use this as a filter.


Select 'Central Types', 'Media Types' and 'Exploration Types' and specify a host to be used for generated URLs. Enter Custom Labels for various Public Interface functionalities.


Enter a Stylesheet to layout the Public Interface.


Enter Texts that will be made available via the Public Interface.