Pattern Pairs

Pattern Pairs (in full 'Pattern to Object Pairs') manages the connections between raw data (i.e. text strings) and Objects in nodegoat. These Pattern Pairs are currently used for Import and the Ingestion and Reconciliation Processes. Pattern Pairs are generated and can be manually stored when running any of the modules. These same patterns can be reused again to efficiently determine when a specific value should match a specific Object.

To add a Pattern Pair, click 'Add Pattern Pair'.

To edit a Pattern Pair, click the blue 'edit' button at the relevant Pattern Pair.

To delete a Pattern Pair, click the red 'del' button at the relevant Pattern Pair.

To delete multiple Pattern Pairs, click the grey 'multi' button in the top right corner of the overview of Pattern Pairs. Select the Pattern Pairs you wish to delete and click the red 'd' button.

Import & Ingest  

When you run an Import Template or Ingestion Process that contains references, a Pattern Pair is stored if a string matches a single Object. If a string does not match any Objects or if a string matches multiple Objects, the string can be assigned manually to an Object. This action also generates a Pattern Pair.