The current release of nodegoat is version 7.3


* All: Introducing a statement-based/chronology dating system that positions an Object in time. Statements can be uncertain/cyclical/relational and are translated using 'ChronoJSON' (
* Filter: Added a functionality to date-related filtering to find Objects with events before or after related other events; combine Filter and Scope for value-based deep filtering.
* Data/Analysis: New class CollectTypeObjecsValues.php extends CollectTypeObjects.php and allows you to efficiently collect values down an Object's relational path.
* Model: Extended the functionality to link/lock the date start and date end of a Sub-Object to separate other (Sub-)Object Descriptions.
* Data: Moved all Object caching/processing logic to their own class in StoreTypeObjectsProcessing.php.
* Data: Added date/chronology caching next to the already present location/geometry cache.
* Project/Data: Added the option to add descriptive information on hover/click to Types and their Descriptions.
* Model: Added the option to change the separation character for multi-value Descriptions.
* Model: Added the option to specify whether media files should be displayed or only be shown as links.
* Import: Added the option to choose whether to overwrite or append values.
* Import: Added a functionality to generate logs when running Import Templates that stores decisions made or possible errors.
* Import: Added a functionality to ingest CSV files containing multi-line values.
* Conditions: Added support for regular expressions.
* Data: Added the option to change and store the order of multi-value Descriptions.
* Model: Added the option to set a specific minimal clearance for users to be able to add/edit Objects in a Type.
* Project: Added the option to state (true/false) whether users can add/edit Objects to a certain Type in a Project.
* Data: Fixed uploading additional media when a Object Description with a media type is set to multiple in StoreTypeObjects.php.
* Filter: Extended the addition/reduction mode to indicate whether a filter form should reduce the Object result set but expand the result set for Sub-Objects of the same kind.
* Filter/Data: Results of an active Filter are now cached client-side. This allows for faster subsequent interaction, e.g. quicksearch and pagination.

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