nodegoat Trademark Policy

nodegoat is embedded in the scholarly community. We encourage scholars to make use of nodegoat in their research projects and to describe their research outcomes achieved by using nodegoat in blog posts, articles, books, etc. This trademark policy is to ensure that the nodegoat trademark remains a reliable indicator of the source and quality of nodegoat products and services and to give guidance on how the nodegoat trademark may be used.

Trademark Ownership

The nodegoat trademark — i.e. the word "nodegoat", whether or not in capitals — is owned and controlled by LAB1100. All use and goodwill associated with the nodegoat trademark will inure to the benefit of LAB1100.

Trademark Use

You may use the nodegoat trademark only to identify and distinguish nodegoat related products and services.

You must not use the nodegoat trademark in a

  • company name;
  • domain name;
  • software package;
  • in the title of a website, book, article, seminar/course/workshop, video, newsletter, magazine;
  • metatag;

or other manner with the intent or the likely effect of

  • suggesting an "official link" other than to LAB1100;
  • benefiting a party other than the product of nodegoat or LAB1100;
  • influencing search engine rankings;
  • influencing results listings.

The nodegoat trademark should be used in its exact form, neither abbreviated nor combined with any other word or words (e.g. creating a “combined mark”). Do not vary the spelling, capitalisation, add hyphens, make one word into two, or use possessive or plural forms of the trademark. Do not abbreviate the nodegoat trademark to create an acronym. When using a logo, you must never modify the design, add or delete any words, or change any colors or proportions.

The nodegoat trademark may only be used with the correct form of notice of registration. The correct notice to be used in association with trademarks depends on whether or not the mark is registered in the applicable jurisdiction. If it is not registered, the notice or the word “trademark” or the symbol “TM” or “SM” should be used in association with the trademark. If it is registered in the applicable jurisdiction, the ® should be used. Where a trademark is used more than once in a single display, the notice should be placed at the first or most prominent use of the trademark.

The following notice should appear in the document in which the nodegoat trademark is used: "nodegoat is a trademark of LAB1100".

In all cases you must use the nodegoat trademark only as permitted by this trademark policy and only as authorised in, and subject to, a separate written license agreement between you and LAB1100. Also, if you use the nodegoat trademark in violation of this trademark policy in any way, LAB1100 may revoke your right to use the nodegoat trademark.

Trademark Policy Updates

LAB1100 reserves the right to modify this Trademark Policy at any time. You should review this Trademark Policy from time to time so that you will be aware of any updates. Any updates will apply as soon as they are posted on this page.


LAB1100 has tried to make this Trademark Policy as comprehensive and understandable as possible. If you are considering a use of the nodegoat trademark that is not covered by the policy, please feel free to contact us at