Name Default value Description
Dot Colour #ffffff Colour of nodes
Dot Min Size 3 Minimal size of nodes.
Dot Max Size 20 Maximum size of nodes.
Dot Stroke Colour #aaaaaa Colour of stroke of nodes.
Dot Stroke Width 1 Width of stroke of nodes.
Show Arrowhead No Include arrowheads for lines


Name Default value Description
Include Location References No Display Location References as nodes
Background Colour none Background colour of the visualisation
Display Vector (Interact) The 'Vector (Interact)' display mode uses SVG elements to display the visualisation. The 'Pixel (Performance)' display mode uses a canvas to display the visualisation. When dealing with larg amounts of data, the pixel display mode will give better performance.
Static Layout No Display static layouts
Static Layout Interval none Inteval in seconds between static layout renderings


Name Default value Accepted values Description
force_friction 0.9 0 - 1 info
force_charge -100 [integer] info
force_gravity 0.08 0 - 1 info
force_theta 0.8 0 - 1 info
label_threshold 0.1 0 - 1 Threshold of labels to be shown.