nodegoat Products

Free individual accounts are available on Next to these hosted accounts, nodegoat can also be installed on your own server. This installation can be configured as nodegoat One, nodegoat Grow, or nodegoat Go.

This provides login credentials on the server and allows a single user to establish and run a project there.

Examples: use cases of individual research projects.

nodegoat One

This allows you to host the nodegoat software on your own server. You can create user accounts so that it can be used as a collaborative research environment. nodegoat One includes a Service Level Agreement to ensure continuous support and updates.

Example: is the public front end of a single nodegoat application at the University of Amsterdam. The menu items are different data types in a single research environment with over 400 users.

nodegoat Grow

This allows you to host the nodegoat software on your own server and conduct multiple separate projects, each accessible to multiple users. The yearly overall fee is subject to the number of installed nodegoat projects. The nodegoat Grow Service Level Agreement guarantees increased support for various projects over time, while allowing for a downscaling if a project is ending and becomes dormant. This configuration is recommended when a fixed number of research projects share an institutional nodegoat server.

Example: the University of Luxembourg has a server with a number of nodegoat projects. This configuration allows them to run various research environments on separate datasets.

nodegoat Go

This allows the installed nodegoat software to run multiple parallel projects, each accessible to multiple users. You administer the research environments, we provide support as per the nodegoat Go Service Level Agreement. This configuration works best when you want to host any number of long-term research projects as well as shorter-term student projects, courses, workshops, etc.

Example: the University of Bern has a single nodegoat application that they use to create research environments for various research and student projects. nodegoat One nodegoat Grow nodegoat Go
Server Institutional / Cloud Server Institutional / Cloud Server Institutional / Cloud Server
SQL Database Shared Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
Research Environments One One Multiple / On-demand Unlimited / Instantly
User Accounts One Multiple Multiple Multiple
Network Analytics service Shared Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
Processes (Reversal / Ingestion / Reconciliation) Shared Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
nodegoat URI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linked Data connectivity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import / Export data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public front-end No Yes Yes Yes
API No Yes Yes Yes
Upgrades and Support (SLA) Upgrades only Yes, support for levels 2 and 3 Yes, support for levels 2 and 3 Yes, support for levels 2 and 3
Admin Training and Data Entry Workshops No Yes Yes Yes
Server Management N/A Yes Yes Yes
Costs Free. Request Account Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

All products support custom data model creation, customisable diachronic geographical visualisation, customisable diachronic social network graphs, filtering, version management, data management operations, source referencing, conditional formatting, text tagging, multimedia storage.