The Publication module allows you to select and configure Projects that are available for publication. Publications are stand-alone self-containing archives which include both the HTML-interface to the data model as well as all of its data in both JSON and CSV. Each Publication provides web-access to the stored interface and a downloadable ZIP-file.


In the Publication configuration module you select the Projects that can be configured for publication. After saving the selection, there are specific configuration parameters for each selected Project.


DefaultIndicate whether the Project is the default Project that can be accessed through the Publication front-end. This allows you to directly go to this Project's latest Publication when accessing the front-end on /publication.
DescriptionProvide additional information about this Publication. For instance, include general information to introduce the dataset, copyright information, or additional credits.
Public InterfaceCurrently not used.


Generate and access current and previous Publications for the Project.

ActionSelect 'New' to generate a new Publication. Select 'None' (default) to not perform any action.
DateThe date of the last time a Publication was generated.
LiveA direct permanent link to access the front-end of the last generated Publication on /publication.
ArchiveSelect and manage (download, access, delete) the current and all previous Publications.

Click 'Save' to store all settings. When Projects have a selected action for a new publication, the module will ask for confirmation and continue to generate the Publications.