nodegoat Workshop at the Text Encoding Initiative Conference in Lyon 26-10-2015

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During this year's Text Encoding Initiative Conference in Lyon, from 26 to 31 October 2015, we will host a nodegoat workshop. The workshop will last a full day and will take place on 26 October. Register here.

In this workshop we will support participants to employ explorative visualisations based on their own TEI data by means of nodegoat. A good example of how nodegoat can be used to create, manage, visualise, analyse and present structured data is the project on romantic nationalism by Joep Leerssen of the University of Amsterdam. The public interface of this collaborative research project can be consulted via, or read more about it in the brochure (PDF).

Data that is presented by participants in this workshop will be loaded into nodegoat. Here, we will collectively produce interactive timelines, diachronic social graphs and diachronic geographical visualisations. Examples of existing datasets that could be worked with include: and, or data that includes the ‹correspDesc› tags and that has been harvested by An example that we created in nodegoat based on data that is available through the correspSearch portal can be seen here. Apart from letters, any other data set that has relational, geographical or temporal attributes can be used.

This workshop is useful for everyone who has TEI data that contains relational, geographical, and/or temporal attributes and is looking for means to explore this data. Once the data has been loaded into nodegoat, it can be used for in-depth exploration and analysis (centrality metrics, geographical patterns, diachronic developments) or used in dynamic and interactive visualisations that can be published online.


  • No prior knowledge is required to attend this workshop.
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptop to the workshop. No new software has to be installed, as you only need to use a (modern) browser

Pre-workshop preparation


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