nodegoat Workshop at the Historical Network Conference in Lisbon on 16-9-2015

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nodegoat workshop at the eighth HNR workshop Vom Text zum Netzwerk und zurück. Über die Wechselwirkungen im historischen Forschungsprozess 5/6 April 2014.

During this year's Historical Network Research conference in Lisbon 15-18 September, we will host a nodegoat workshop. The title of this workshop is: Conceptualise and Set Up a Historical Network Research Workflow. We will focus on conceptualising a data model for your own research question and explore the possibilities of storing your data structurually and creating interactive space/time visualisations. The workshop will last a full day and will take place on 16 September.

As nodegoat is a web-based data modeling and management tool that is equiped with functionalities to produce time-aware network analytics and visualisations, it is well suited for historical network analysis.

nodegoat Workshop: Conceptualise and Set Up a Historical Network Research Workflow


  • Learn how to conceptualise a data model suited for historical network research.
  • Be able to build a custom data model in nodegoat.
  • Be able to enter data into nodegoat.
  • Be able to produce diachronic geographic and social network visualisations in nodegoat.


  • No prior knowledge is required to attend this workshop.
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptop to the workshop.

Pre-workshop preparation

Workshop Programme

  • Introduction of participants & discussion of research questions proposed by participants.
  • Introduction to nodegoat.
  • Discussion of two exemplary projects in nodegoat.
    • Epistolary Networks.
    • Networks of historical artifacts.
    • Collectively: enter and visualise data in nodegoat.
    • Discussion of first results.


    • Discussion and inventorisation of research projects.
    • In groups: conceptualisation of a new data model for a specific research project.
    • Collectively: add a new data model in nodegoat.
    • In groups: add the conceptualised data model in nodegoat.
    • Discussion of the results.
    • Enter data in the new data model.
    • Visualisation & discussion of the results.


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