Data Publication by the TIC-Collaborative project

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The TIC-Collaborative project of Ghent University and Maastricht University has published a dataset on international social reform congresses and organisations (1846-1914). This dataset has been created and maintained in a nodegoat installation at Ghent University since early 2014.

The data publication is described in 'Social Reform International Congresses and Organizations (1846–1914): From Sources to Data' that has been published in the Journal of Open Humanities Data.

The data has been published as CSV files in the 'IISH Data Collection' repository and can be downloaded here. The dataset contains 1206 organisations, 1052 publications, 23247 people, 1690 conferences, and 35609 conferences attendance statements. All these statements have been enriched with spatial-temporal attributes which allows for the diachronic and geographic analysis and exploration of the relational data.

As one of the first nodegoat projects, TIC-Collaborative (led by Christophe Verbruggen and Nico Randeraad) has had a significant contribution on the development of nodegoat. TIC-Collaborative has commissioned various nodegoat features, including the initial development of the Linked Data module as well as the API, and has provided us with valuable feedback. As such, we are very happy that this data publication completes the process from the inception of the project, the conceptualisation of the data model, the years of collecting data, and the analysis of the final dataset, up until the moment when the data can be shared with the research community.

A social network visualisation of congress attendance of women's congresses, created in nodegoat. Presented in the interactive exhibition 'Couples for progress' at


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