Upcoming nodegoat workshops in Ghent & Washington D.C. (and more)

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Next week there will be a nodegoat workshop at the 'DARIAH-EU Annual Meeting' in Gent. This event will take place on 10-13 October. The nodegoat workshop will be on Tuesday 11 October from 14:00 to 15:30. You can find the full program here.

There will also be a nodegoat workshop at the conference 'Creating Spatial Historical Knowledge. New Approaches, Opportunities and Epistemological Implications of Mapping History Digitally'. This conference is organised by the German Historical Institute in Washington DC. The conference takes place on 20-22 October. The nodegoat workshop will be on Thursday 20 October from 14.15 to 16.00. This workshop requires individual registration. The full program of the conference can be found here.

We have proposed a session at the THATCamp Amsterdam on Linked Data challenges. Together with Ingeborg van Vugt we plan to discuss the benefits and difficulties of Linked Data in the humanities.

After a stimulating Virtual Heritage Network conference last year in Maynooth, we look forward to this year's conference in Cork. The conference will take place on 8-10 December.

Leonor Álvarez Francés is organising a new edition of last year's 'Databases for Young Historians' course, 26-27 January 2017 in Utrecht. This year the course will be hosted by the Netherlands eScience Center and the focus will be shifted towards programming. There should still be time for a nodegoat workshop, so stay tuned for more details!

Watch our video tutorials to learn how to start using nodegoat:

These slides we made for the course Databases for Young Historians might be helpful in case you are unsure how to model your data:


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