nodegoat Workshop in Düsseldorf 28-04-2016

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Düsseldorf, Assumulator / CC BY-SA 3.0

The tenth Historical Network Research workshop will be in Düsseldorf from 28-04-2016 to 30-04-2016. They have set up an exciting programme on the theme 'Fakten verknüpfen, Erkenntnisse gewinnnen? Wissenschaftsgeschichte in Historischer Netzwerkanalyse'.

On the first day, we will host a nodegoat workshop. This workshop will last half a day and is titled 'Advanced HNR' (it will run in parallel with an introductory historical network research workshop by Martin Stark). Since we only have half a day, we encourage participants who have not used nodegoat before to watch our three tutorials that cover basic functionalities of nodegoat.

During the workshop, you will create a data model in nodegoat based on your own research question. If you are unsure on how to do this, please consult the following slides:

These slides aim to give historians a number of points to consider when they conceptualise a data model. Slides 29-34 (data modeling II) are specific to nodegoat. Another great resource that helps you to construct networks from historical sources is Marten Düring's Programming Historian lesson From Hermeneutics to Data to Networks: Data Extraction and Network Visualization of Historical Sources.

If you have never created a data model based on your own research project, it would be best to conceptualise one before the workshop. This will allow you to focus on creating a data design in nodegoat based on your own data model, rather than focusing on conceptualising the model itself.


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