Export Data

You can export data that has been entered into nodegoat in various formats. This ensures that nodegoat data is fully interoperable and ready to be used in other software. Whenever you find yourself in the situation that your research question asks for other modes of analysis or visualisation than those that are offered within the nodegoat environment, you make an export of (a subset) of your data and analyse or visualise the data in the application of your choice.

During and after your project you can also use the export functionality to create data publications of the datasets that you have created in your nodegoat environment. Read the blog posts 'Data Publication by the MapModern Projecty the MapModern Project' and 'Data Publication by the TIC-Collaborative project' to learn about projects that have created data publications based on their nodegoat projects.

The export functionality in the Data section of your environment allows you to generate CSV or ODT files per Object Type or Classification.

The API outputs your data formatted as JSON or JSON-LD.