Ingestion Processes

You can import locally stored data by using the Import module. Follow the Guides on importing data to learn how to do this.

Ingestion Processes can be used to ingest data that is accessible via APIs or SPARQL endpoints. The guides in this section will teach you how to configure Ingestion Processes and how to use these to store requested data in your nodegoat environment.

For every Ingestion Process, two elements need to be in place: a Data Model to host the ingested data and one or multiple Linked Data Resources that establish a connection between your nodegoat environment and the external resource. Every guide in this section will describe how the Data Model as well as the Linked Data Resource needs to be configured.

By following these guides you will learn how you can make use of existing data in your own research projects. Since nodegoat allows you to map any external data to your own data model, it is not necessary that the same model or vocabulary is used.

These guides query live external data resources that are constantly updated. This means that the results of the exemplary queries will be different when you run them in your environment.