nodegoat Roadmap

The following table outlines the nodegoat roadmap from Q1 2016 onward. The roadmap includes nodegoat objectives, commissioned features, and pending feature requests. Learn more about the nodegoat network.

Feature Status Partner

Cross-referenced data entry

Extend the data entry functionalities to be able to add and edit incoming (cross-referenced) relational object descriptions and sub-objects.


Dynamic play function in visualisations

Users are able to specify a timeframe (n day/week/month/year) to animate a selected time period in a visualisation forward or backward (e.g. animate the timeframe 1846-1849 at a speed of 2 weeks per second to map the movement of intellectuals around Vienna).


Inclusion of in-text references in scope and visualisations

It is currently possible to tag objects in texts in nodegoat. These references are not yet included in the visualisations and in the scope. This feature will make textual relations available in both the visualisations and the scope.

Implemented Commissioned by SPIN for ERNiE.

Inclusion of Sub-Object location references in scope

The Sub-Object location references are not yet included in the scope. This feature will make these relations available in the scope.

Implemented Commissioned by SPIN for ERNiE.

Fuzzy search options

The nodegoat filter module will be extended by an ElasticSearch plugin to allow for more flexibility in filtering textual data in nodegoat.

In development Commissioned by SPIN for ERNiE.

User generated associative paths

The public user interface will be extended with a path functionality that allows visitors to store, visualise, annotate, share, and print the paths they have taken through the data.

In development Commissioned by SPIN for ERNiE.

Extensive documentation

The nodegoat development team will setup a framework and groundwork for an extensive documentation of nodegoat's functionalities. The nodegoat community will be able to contribute to this documentation.

In development Commissioned by SPIN for ERNiE.

Network metrics on data level

This feature will allow users to create calculation object descriptions in nodegoat that will host calculated values based on network metrics (e.g. shortest path, degree centrality, betweenness centrality, PageRank).

Planned for first half of 2016 Commissioned by SPIN for ERNiE.


nodegoat domain specific URI creation.

Feature request (priority)


Dynamic/project configurable Generic API keys to search for objects by name, date, location, descriptions. Curated endpoint: map API search keys with filter functionalities. Preconfigure complex queries while maintaining performance and improve accessibility in comparison to SPARQL. Configurable API access & limitations. Open and token (access key) based.

Feature request (priority)

Import module features

Allow for more data formats and inclusion of filters.

Planned for second half of 2016

nodegoat Community

Community that will host datasets, documentation, forum, public interfaces configurations, data design templates, import templates & visualisation code.

Planned for second half of 2016

nodegoat Core

Publish nodegoat Core to the nodegoat repository at to extend development.

Planned for second half of 2016

Plug-in module integration

The plugin module focuses on platform agnostic communication. The module will function as an open configurable communication class (i.e. spawn plugins) to enable and describe communication with, for example, current and future natural language processing (NLP) and named-entity recognition (NER) packages.

Feature request Bibliotheca Hertziana, KNIR, Leiden University, Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin

Spherical visualisation

Geographical spherical (3d) projection to visualise and navigate geographical networks in their global scale and reach.

Feature request CHAM - FCSH/NOVA-UAc University of Lisbon

Multimodal and nonlinear writing and reading processes

This process will help us understand how nodegoat can be used to allow writers to use an object-oriented approach to writing and how the public user interface can be developed to give readers the opportunity to explore narratives in a nonlinear manner.

Feature request Literair Productiehuis Wintertuin

Export and reuse of data designs & import templates

This feature will allow users to export, share and reuse data designs and import templates.

Planned for first half of 2017

Custom visualisations

Add the ability to create and store custom visualisation code (javascript), and present the visualisation as an additional option to nodegoat's integrated visualisations.

Planned for first half of 2017

Expansion of export formats

Also allow for exports in JSON, XML, GraphML, geoJSON formats.

Feature request

Relative filtering functionality

Reuse filter results throughout other/deeper filters.

Feature request

Relational and reconfigurable date fields

Extend the current relational location functionality to date fields in sub-objects.

Feature request

Area creation, visualisation, and import functionalities

Extend the mapping functionality by allowing users to identify areas.

Feature request